The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) administers the execution, enforcement and collection of taxes in Singapore and thus tax compliance is no doubt a reality for every business. It is important that companies engage in comprehensive tax planning to mitigate risks and optimize tax savings, leaving you with more to invest in your business to grow.

At Biz Square, by working closely with our clients, we are committed to deliver quality tax compliance services in fulfilling your statutory obligations, while identifying company tax risks and tax planning opportunities that may arise. Leave your tax matters to us, so that you can tick off this distraction off your list.

1. Corporate income tax, includes the following but not limited to:
a. Estimated chargeable income submission
b. Preparation of corporate tax computation
c. Preparation of Income Tax Return for submission
d. Tax advisory
e. Liaising with the Comptroller of Income Tax
f. Reminders on deadlines
Annually from $500
2. Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) compliance matters, includes the following but not limited to:
a. Preparation of GST report
b. Preparation of GST return
c. Advisory on compliance
d. Reminders on deadlines
Quarterly from $180 ($120 for our bookkeeping clients)
3. Application for GST registration
a. Voluntary
b. Compulsory
4. Productivity and Innovation Credit (“PIC”) Grant SubmissionFrom $200 per submission
5. Personal income taxFree for local individuals with employment income only

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