What is QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a cloud accounting software that has been created specifically for busy small business owners to help make financial management easier and more cost-effective than ever before. It is a web based solution that is highly secured, simple to set up and easy to use, provides you, your colleagues and accountant with a crucial at-a-glance picture of your financial position, and saves both time and money. Therefore, it is now not just a better way to run your finances, it is a better way to run your whole business.

What is cloud accounting

Cloud accounting is a web based software that brings all your financials together in one place and makes them available to you and your accountant or bookkeeper, anytime, anywhere and on any internet-connected device, thus you are no longer tied to your desk or the office. Your data are stored online and is hosted on remote servers, where it is secure and automatically backed up. Your software is also continuously updated with improvements and fixes instantly with no need for time-intensive manual updates or costly upgrades.

Why QuickBooks Online

Beacause of these benefits, QuickBooks Online is probably one of your best investment for your business:

1) An online software that requires no installation. Simply log in through your web browser or QuickBooks mobile app.

2) The dashboard gives you snapshot of your financial status, with information such as income, overdue and paid invoices, expenses, profits and losses, and even a to-do widget. This means you can see the "health" of your business right after you log in, on the go, anytime, anywhere.

3) Easy to set up, simple to use. There is no requirement for any technical knowledge.

4) Gives you enormous flexibility to customise your invoices and what information they contain within a few clicks.

5) Schedule reports to run automatically.

6) Secured platform that keeps your data protected and private. Intuit takes security very seriously – click here for more detailed information on how Intuit ensures your data is secured and available to you.

7) Data is automatically backup, so should the unexpected ever happen to your system, all of data will still be instantly accessible to you from any computer connected to the Internet.

8) Always-On Activity Log and Audit Trail features which record every user who logs into the service and any changes made to every financial transaction.

9) IRAS approved software which is customised for Singapore SMEs to auto calculated GST return boxes for easy IRAS filing.

10) Affordable low monthly fee. No more upfront big capital expenditure.

Why engage Biz Square for your QuickBooks Online solution

1) We are a Certified ProAdvisor of QuickBooks Online.

2) With Biz Square being a Master Administrator of your account, you are entitled to unlimited users rights when you subscribe to QuickBooks Online Plus account through us.

3) We offer preferential subscription rates on top of QuickBooks Online direct discounts, just to ensure you get the best value. So get in touch with us for a non-obligatory quote.

4) We offer personalised service in getting you enrolled in QuickBooks Online almost immediately and seamlessly.

5) We are able to assist you in your QuickBooks Online implementation and onward bookkeeping services, upon your request at a reasonable fee.

With the useful resources provided by Intuit QuickBooks Online, learning Quickbooks Online is simply effortless

Webinars, Getting Started Guide, How-To Videos

Whether you’re a startup, sole operator or an established company, cloud accounting has the potential to transform your business life.