How many hats are you wearing today? Are you having headaches with recruiting and retention within your finance functions? Look into this section on what we have to offer for your outsourcing needs. Our outsourcing services can be tailored to individual clients’ needs.

Backend office functions are tedious and leave you little time to allocate to tasks that actually bring the money in like sales and marketing. When you outsource, you save yourself the heavy distraction.

It’s no surprise that outsourcing work versus hiring a full-time employee, saves you money too. Not only can you pay for the work you need, but you can also avoid typical employee expenses like benefits, central provident fund contributions, insurance, payroll taxes, paid leaves, etc.

At Biz Square, you can choose to outsource your full Corporate Secretarial, Accounting/Bookkeeping and Taxation to us where work are done offsite (in our office), or if you are more comfortable not to have your records leaving your office, you can choose to have us delegating a professional from our team to work onsite in your office for some relatively transactional processes, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll accounting, data entry or even rescue assignments for pending regulatory filings. Our onsite services comprises of the Finance functions and Human Resource functions.

With this, you can:

  • Have better access to the right skills set for better quality work
  • Reduce your reliance on key employee
  • Avoid the hassle of recruiting and retention of employees
  • Enjoy cost flexibility
  • Move on to more strategic functions, such as budgets, forecasts and internal audits

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