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Biz Square - where businesses find solutions to their corporate and compliance needs.

We are a corporate services provider that truly serve businesses with a passion of giving an extra helping hand to business owners. We support your entrepreneurship and believe in your ideas because your growth will play a part in our nation building.

In nation context, children are the sprout of a flourishing country. The first priority is to nurture and educate them. In business context, start-ups and small businesses are the potential growth to a prosperous country. With this believe, we focus to guide and support new entrepreneurs and small enterprises with growing their ideas, their businesses and navigate their way to success in Singapore, without the frustrations of satisfying compliance requirements because we sort them all out for you.

The team at Biz Square is made up with a passionate team of experienced professionals and chartered accountants with extensive experience in various industries who are capable of guiding, managing and delivering our clients’ company incorporation matters, statutory compliance issues, finance, accounting, tax and payroll functions that will constantly exceed your expectations.

It is in our values to always serve with:







Your every milestone is a happy moment for us. Let us see through your growth together!

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